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lec31 soon-yi part4 insulin

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Michael Baker

BCH210H1LECTURE 31Case Study Soonyi Part V After the RunRebuilding Glycogen1Antioxidants in Foods2Vegetable Oils Fatty Acids3Insulin Anabiolic Hormone4Insulin Signalling5Glucose Uptake Glycogen SynthesisSoonyi Part 5 After the Run Rebuilding GlycogenSoonyi finishes her 10km run and heads for a shower in her nearby apartment in Kew Beach MansionsShe ran at an average speed of 200 mmin for 50 minoShe used up 396 kcal of energy losing 79 g glycogen 89 g fatEach gram of carbohydrate burn get 4 kcal of fuel 4 x 79 Each gram of fat get 9 kcal of fuelMore energetic 9 x 89She also lost 400 mL of body water during her run on this cool October morningoSweating breathing letting go moisture from body oThis represents a loss of more than one lb of her body weightMuch of the energy from ATP hydrolysis during muscle contraction was lost as heat which can elevate body temperatureoMechanical activityoBody temperature can rise AntioxidantsGood help remove oxidizing agents and chemicalsSmoking promotes oxidationoWears down proteins membranes lipids promotes LDL to form plaque Want to be in antioxidantstateEg berries applies red delicious Granny Gala russet potatoes beans plumsoSome sugar in them Cloves cinnamon oregano broccoli oranges sweet potatoesBreakfast Soonyi loves grape juice but she knows that a sudden spike in her blood sugar promotes inflammation and she is sore this morningoCannot drink that right away on an empty stomachoSpiking blood sugarnot goodAssociated with inflammatory responses oShe does need to rebuild her glycogen storesThe trick is to mix dietary carbohydrate with protein and healthy fatsoDONT START WITH CARBOHYDRATES Thus she starts with an omellete a la Soonyi oOmega3 eggs from hens fed flaxseed 183 egg whites for extra protein scallions green onions shitake mushrooms tomatoes 1
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