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lec32 Soon-yi part 5 fat mobilization

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Michael Baker

BCH210H1LECTURE 32Case Study Soonyi Part IV Beijing 2008At the Olympics at the 32 km Marker1Glucagon and Adrenaline Effects Liver and Muscle2Fat Mobilization3Fatty Acid Activation and the Carnitine Shuttle4Steps in Fatty Acid Oxidization5Fat and Glycogen as Fuels throughout the RaceSoonyi Part 6 Beijing 2008Representing CanadaSoonyi made it onto the Canadian Olympic Team and she is currently at the 32 km marker of the marathonThe race began 2h ago at 5pm from Tiananmen Square and Soonyi is maintaining a steady 270mminShe built up her glycogen reserves to 230 g before the raceoNeeds glycogen so she can access fatoCan use fat efficientlyNeed to blend fuels on a long distance race cannot run on just fatSoonyi ate a simple carbohydrate rich meal 3h before the race but no food sinceShe took a small coffee 1h before the race as coffee extends her enduranceShe is consuming small amounts of water along the routeAt the race start Soonyi weighed 42kgAt the 32 km mark she has used up 1000 kcal of energy o175 g of glycogen and 33 g of fatBlending fuelsTrying to increase fat use and decrease glycogen use so that glycogen lasts until the endFat burns best in flame of carbohydratesoBurn off fat most efficiently as long as you sustain carbohydrates also burning alongsideCarbohydrate gives 4 kcal energyg and fat gives 9 kcal energygoThus fat is a better fuel but must be mobilized from fat cells in fat tissueStrategic use of fuels in a long race is very important oFor the first half of the marathon Soonyi derived 80 of her energy from glycogenMain fuel is glycogen for first half of raceoBut now at 32km she is using a blend of 60 glycogen and 40 fat for energyShifting to use of fatFat provides a lot of energy It is imperative that she keep increasing the use of fat and not run out of glycogen in this last 10 km of the raceoWhen glycogen reserves are gone runners suffer both a remarkable loss in running efficiency and drop in speed called hitting the wallEfficiency goes right down hitting a wall Cannot make efficient use of fat without glycogen Soonyi is running well and is within a group of the fastest 6 runners1
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