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lec33 Soon-yi part 7 glyconegenesis in liver

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Michael Baker

BIO210H1LECTURE 33Case Study Soonyi Part VII Beijing 2008 Marathon Finish1ATP and Water Yields from oxidization of Fatty Acids and the Krebs Cycle2Glyconegenesis and Glycolysis in Liver3Liver Fuel Regulation Soonyi Part 7 On to the Finish of the Marathon Soonyi has surpassed her own expectations as she has remained withinstriking distance of the frontrunnersShe is now at the 38 km mark and has with the help of ATP coming from fatty acid oxidation just passed two runners US UKThere are only 4 runners in front of her and Soonyi knowing well that adrenaline is sparking her use of fat fuels attempts to boost this hormone release even furtheroHow can she boost her adrenaline level even higheroTook caffeinestabilizes cAMP that is generated by signalling pathway from adrenaline She begins to sing her patriotic songs oO Canada The Maple Leaf Forever the 67 Expo favourite Give us a Place to Stand and the Oilers Chant from her old home town of EdmontonoMore adrenaline more fat will break downShe is now flying at 310 mmin with a great supply of ATP coming from fatty acid fuelsOxidation of Fatty AcidsIn oxidation for each molecule of 160 CoAoNeed 7 cycles to cut the 16 C chainoSoonyi gets 7 NADH and 7 FADH that generate 17510528 ATP2All happening in mitochondriaMake use of reduced coenzymes of FADH and NADH and go into ETC21
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