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lec34 Case study:Julian-fast food addict

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Michael Baker

BCH210H1LECTURE 34Case Study JulianFast Food Addict1Nutrition Data2Triglycerides Cholesterol Esters and Fatty Acids3Metabolism of 182 183 Omega 6 and Omega 3 Classes4Fat Hydrogenation Trans Fats5Live Response to Rising Blood Sugar and Insulin6Fatty Acid Synthesis 7Insulin Effects on Fat MetabolsimCase Study Julian Fast Food JunkieNorth America is facing a virtual epidemic of obesityChildren are particularly at risk and indeed bad eating habits are established earlyFast food outlets target children often synergizing with another corporation to provide free toys along with fast food mealsHappy Meals offering a free Beanie Baby soared to 100 million during a 10 day giveaway offeroThis meant on average every American child 39 had 4 happy meals within a 10 day periodoMany had more than this numberJulian is a 10 year old boy who often enjoys fast food with his familyThe closest fast food outlet has a large play area for childrenJulian however is here today because of the free action figureoJulian has a Playstation and portable GameboyoRestrict physical nature Julian is 42 kg in weight and 125 cm in height2His BMI kgm is 269oAbove the normal range for boys his ageHis excess weight has prompted school yard teasing and Julian is particularly sensitive about playground sports which he avoidsJulian quickly orders a Big Mac Large Fries and his favourite Triple Thick ShakeoSee the workbook to calculate the kcal in this mealIf a 10 year old needs 2200 kcal a day how much does this happy meal provideThe fat content is significantthe trans fat in the Fries and Big Mac will elevate Julians level of LDLoJulian has some arterial LDL infiltration1
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