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Stavroula Andreopoulos

TRANSLATION lec4 5Protein sequence is coded only by the mRNA sequenceie The ribosome only needs to attach anticodon to codon only cares about this and the aa plays no role in which is aa is inserted into the growing polypeptide chainIn vitro experiment to show aa has no role Change correctly inserted aa to wrong one CysAla CysCys CysCystRNA CysRS CystRNA HRaney ricket catalyst AlatRNA2CysAlatRNA is formed due to loss of SH which identifies Cys ie Ala is incorporated wherever Cys is supposed to bemischarge tRNAtRNA molecules recogniseup to 3 codon to govern the recognition of a codon by theanticodon via base pairingstndrdndie 12 position of codonWatsonCrick base pairing with 3 and 2 positions of anticodonrd3 position codon is the wobble position which is more flexible Asite of large ribosome subunit for anticodon pairingInosine I is a deaminated Guanine that maximises theof codons that can be read by a tRNA molecule 3 types of bp to U C Astie Inosine in 1 position anticodon recognises up to 3 codon for a particular aa Once I is present all 3 bases on a codon can be recognised U C ABases on anticodons and corresponding bases on codon they recogniseI3 codon basesU C AG2 codon basesU CU2 codon bases A GA1 codon baseGC1 codon baseGUG Hydrogen bonds between U positions 2 and 3 G 1 and 6 respectivelyIA I 1 and 6 A 1 and 6IC I 1 and 6 C 3 and 4
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