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All about lecture 1 DNA/RNA Structure

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BCH311 Lecture 1 Nucleic Acid Structure I6 hypothesiscyclic structure Takahashi very high molecular weight of 10 is y Tetranucleotideocompletely inconsistent with a tetrameric structure LeveneTipson found 34 A distance between the basesy Linus Pauling Inside out DNA structure o 3 PO strands4y Chargaff correct stoichiometrynot 111GCs11 and ATs are 11 o Bases are paired by hydrogen bonds y 1953 WatsonCrick WilkinsFranklincorrect double helical structure o Rosalind Franklin took Xray diffraction data off DNA molecules o Wilkins stole her data WatsonCrick Base Pairs y Tautomers having the right tautomer will determine the correct structure of the pairing of the bases ie Acceptor must bind with Donor o Electrostatics made sense o Explained why DNA could store information o Nonidentical strandscomplimentarity of the bases lead to 2 identical molecules if you copy just one Make one into two Allow cells to regenerate and duplicateFinally explained why it could happen and the proposed structure was consistent with all the data already out there o phosphodiester linker that links two sugars bases attached to sugar via glycosidic bond o two kinds of nucleic acidsDNARNA Primary Structure y Presence of hydroxyl group on C ribose sugar 2y DNA needs to look the same throughout the millions of base pairs so that the only thing that is being read out is the sequence o The sequence is the machinery which turns DNA into RNA o No structural fluctuations to be dealt with when reading sequence o Grooving of helix is uniform regular pattern y RNAamino acid transport translational regulation intron splicing ribosomal function o RNA is very active carries information catalyzes rxns intricate interactions with proteins y Exam question what are some of the events during the discovery of DNA structure that through the field off ie 111why what was the correct information
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