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Bio lab 1 notes Sep 27 2009

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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Bio lab no. 1 Insects are arthopods animals with joined legs. ]}L9]}o]]L2}2L]ZKZ]K}ZZ}2L]ZK[Z ZL Z}surviving and reproducing is called an adaptation J can be a physical characteristics or a behaviour. Noun J trait, verb J adapt to certain environment Mechanism fro process of adaption J natural selection Mutation and recombination create the new traits and new combination of traits. Fintess J the ability to survive and reproduce Natural selection results from the variation of individuals in the number of surviving offsprings they contribute to the next generation. If the higher fitness traits are heritable J these traits will present a larger proption in next generation. Natural selection and inheritance are repeated every generation Evolution: the process Jchange over generations in the proportion of individuals with a certain trait. Not all traits are adaptations: some differences are neutral. Genetic drift and gene flow also change genetics, but they may result in random varitation, so may not be adaptation. Phylogeny: evolutionary history and realtionships Few hypothesis: two types J viability and competition for mates Adaptations for viability: Viability selection: natural selection arising from variation in viability. Camouflage J organisms may benefit by physically resembling their environment, making them less vicible to predators. Feeding J some organisms have adapted to particular diets by evolving specialized mothparts. Eg. Jaws for biting and tearing, tubes for piercing and sucking, and long tongues for lapping up nectar fr
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