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Bio lab 2 notes Oct 20 2009

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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Bio lab 2 J orientation of isopods Scientific method are: preliminary pbservation, problem, hypothesis, experiment ot controlled observation and theory Cyclical J the experiment provides more accurate pbservation permitting a refinement pf the problem, starting the process again. Preliminary observation: The quality of the scientific work depends on the correctness of the observation Before approaching a problem, the observation should determine what scientifix problem to address in the experiment. Problem: After observation J need to define a problem Fundamental part of the scientific method is the recognition of good problems! Bes problems should be relevance and the capacity to be tested Hypothesis: Guess a answer to the problem J hypothese Hypothesis are not random guesses but are statements based on all of the relevant observations Z]o7L]LoL ZZ ]L]Z[Z]L ZL]K2]Ltion A fundamental feature of the scientific method is that hypotheses are never be proven, they can only be disproved J null hypothese Null hypothese (H ) 0 assume the experimental treatments will have no effect. J the observed difference between the treated and nutreated groups will not be statistically significant. Experiment or controlled observation: Ideal biobogical experiment is one in which the effects of 2 or more treatments are comp
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