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Bio lab 5 notes Nov 30 2009

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University of Toronto St. George
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Bio lab 5 Population must be able to adapt to the environment due to genetic variation Example: the freat lakes fishery Loss of genetic diversity J overexploitation combined with invasion be exotic species has placed severe on native fish species Selection: natural process, many of the forces that select the fish population in great lake is due to human J favor certain individuals and reduce the overall diversity of genetics Gene flow: exchange of alleles between neighbouring populations. Geographically, few barriers and the closer two population could be J more likely to exchange. Less gene flow J maintain the diversity of the population as a whole Genetic drift: most in small population J gene lost J reducing the amount of genetic variation in population Raised frys in laboratory reduces the genetic variation in the whole population due to just few male and females are used initially Large hatchery-raised P poses potential problems of native species: 1. Limit the ability for to adapt to the environment for a whole P 2. Raise the competition and may introduce diseases J therefore reduce the native P Measuring Genetic variation: Cellulose actate electrophoresis: -- advantages J larger amount individuals and shorter time Main types of gel electropresis: cellulose acetate, starch, polyacrylamide and agarose Enzymes: are proteins composed of one or more polypeptide chains(strands of amino acids) If an enzyme can lead to a difference of the overall charge of the enzyme J move at adif
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