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Bio lab 13 Feb 12 2010

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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Bio lab 13 Measurment error reflects the discrepancy between our repeated measurment and the ture value of the object being measured. Precision and accurancy: Precision J is the repeatability of the measurement. If a single measurement when repeated shows little little variation, it ahs high precision, if it shows great variation, it has low precision Accurancy J is the tendency for the measured value to be close to, or apporximate, the true accepted value. Significant figures~ Measurement contain three parts J unit, scale factor and significant figures Scientific notation~ Rounding numbers: Less than 5 unchange~ Larger than 5 roung up 5 J before is even J unchange odd J roung up Organized data: Qualitative: such as hair colour, sex or something something are easy to group Quantitative J discrete and continuous Use a table or a figure to presenting data Dependent variable plot on y-axis, and independent variable plot on x-axis Line of best fit: a line which travels through the space pccupied by most of the points Interpolation: line of best fit allow us to predict the data that is not one of the plot points Extropolation: extending the line beyond the existing data J provide the base for prediction Bar graph J used for discrete data Historgram J used for continuous data Statistics of location: describe the position of a sample along a given dimension. Most common statistics location J mean, median and mode
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