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Lecture 7

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Scott Browning

Pathogens endoparasites ectoparasites parasitoids antagonistic interaction aposematic coloration Batesien mimicryBIOLOGY LECTURE 7 Predation Herbivory and Parasitism Summary Antagonistic interactions Become more likely as pop size of the food source increasesEssential to maintaining diversity Alter balance of food web and removal of any part of web can have a huge impact on community ANATAGONISTIC INTERACTION Interactions between 2 organisms that benefits one to the detriment of the otherEx Predation herbivory parasitismPredationOne organism kills and consumes another to get energy to live longer and promote RInfluences orgs at 2 ecological levels 1 Individual level prey has an abrupt decline in fitness based on lifetime reproductive success cause it wont evaaa reproduce again 2 Community level predation reducesof individuals in prey popGroup predationcommon among social carnivores lions Carnivorous interactionsone animalplant eats another best example o Lion o Venus fly trap Absorb nutrients from insects as they become available during digestion o Pitcher Plant o ProtozoaConsume prey important role in maintaining pop sizes in microbrial comm
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