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Marc Cadotte

ECOLOGY BIO B50 – LEC 2  SCI METHOD (1-7)  Obs studies – no clear hyp or methodologies, easy to return noisy info  Experiments – how a predator affects a prey  Controlled Experiments in lab – under diff conditions – ctrl all variables  Modeling approach – complex math rep of nature – pop growth as we see in future can be modeled in diff ways  Carry cap eg :  Most would think ecology operating on bigger scale but inc work with cellular scale  Experimental Design:  Replicate: T absent or T absent – higher mortality associated with present T  Is that significant or random chance? (only pick 2 ppl as a sample size?)  Need a bigger sample size –  Replicating – cedar creek minesota – 5.5 m (100x) – Why replicate?  Not only do we need to replicate but also randomize (accounting for soil composition)  We can then assume all subject to soil variation Control  Dec in growth from fertilizer  Can’t make conclusions w/out control  Ctrl = none added  Fish study – effect of hormone on fish – what is the ctrl?  1. Act of putting hormone into it (need to inject also with saline water ctrl)  2. Stabbing of the syringe (catching and handling)  other ctrl is just to handle it (no stabbing syringe)  multiple controls for effect of hormone and the syringe  expctrls used to account for anything that may affect results 3 attributes to exp = generality, realism, and precision  can’t capture all 3  Triangle (generality, realism at the top and precision)  Lab exp – precise – control all envi variables – can do it again and get exact results – but it’s not very realistic (not all org naturally live in this envi) , and not subject to all processes – low generality  Realism – field experiments – not precise – if go to another pond and do same exp – need to account for pond differences, but we know it’s realistic field, also not general – take place at 1 place at one time – may not apply to all of world (human large scale studies – adding nutrients to grasslands)  Exp usually try to maximize one of these CASE STUDY:  Amphibian populations – want to know why as an ecologists for these deformities and decreasing populations  Geography – Australia – 18 species of amphibs are e
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