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Christopher Garside

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Levels of biological organization  Focus on population as main principle of evolution Questions  Trivial questions-not worth asking  Interesting questions: big questions and small questions  By answering small questions we may find answers to big answers  E.g the purpose of sex?  Asexual and sexual reproduction  E.g why is there more biodiversity in tropics? Multiple answers  Many times answer is: I don’t know  Levels of questions  How-mechanisms or physiological  Why-purpose, ecological function & adaptive significance Approaches  Starts with observation  Through mathematics and theories, models and structures arise-theoretical  Models: start with verbal model/narrative model, saying out loud how things happen  2 set parameters, variables, believing there’s relationships between variable. Graphical model  3 mathematical models-solve equations and make predictions  Comparative-things applying to one species may not apply to other species. Sees how general a data is. Apply data to multiple species to compare, phylogenetic approaches, comparative experiments  Experiments-manipulate things, e.g comparing genetic types, collect datas Assumptions about evolution verified  Changes in fossil records  No evidence of spontaneous combustion of new species  Observation of speciation  Common ancestors  Evolution doesn't just occur in the past-organisms in the stomach evolving  E.g evolution of drug resistance Biodiversity & Adaptation  Biodiversity = genetic diversity  Occur all levels, not just in species, in genes as well  Adaptation noun or verb Theory of evolution  Organism=long history of natural selection  Central concept of biology  Affects other areas e.g economy dog eat dog world Theodosius  Science isn’t anon  Know him  Important for quote, this quote used all the time for biologist  Also made fruit fly experiment  Important for genetics  Early evolutionary geneticist  Modern synthesis, mendel genetics & population genetics James Watson of ‘Watson and craig’  Creationism at odds at science  Evolution accepted as fact  Not only fundamental to biologists  Evidence is what counts in science Today  Micro-studying the mechanisms of evolution, how it occurs  Macro-history  Both very important Micro
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