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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Doug Thomson

Slide 2;  Temperature and moisture make more vegetation  Tallest forested are ones that are perpetual and moist.... Slide 3:  Each colour represent different type of biome/vegetations  We are around temperate deciduous forest and boreal forest (near the cross section of the diagonal (MIGHT BE ON TEST) Slide 4:  Review in DB  We are in temperate deciduous forest  Deserts occur in 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south… where dry hot air from Hadley cells are descending to earth. Air that comes down are hot Slide 8:  Five driest desrerts located 30 degrees north/south due to Hadley/ferrel cells  Also very dry because current bring cold water near those area, cold water does not evaporate, so no water vapour can contense  Slide 9:  What has changed is the uplift of the rocky mountains o Grey part  Rise of the N/S chain of mountains puts in effect “Rain Shadow”  We are 30-40 degree latitude belt (westerly) from pacific ocean  They are going to deposit water on very west coast (vancover very rainy)  Precipitation goes towards rocky mountains and falls as snow  Warm up because of frictional components  West has short grass, as you move east, water gets picked up more and you end up with forests  Effect
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