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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Lecture 4: Slide 3:  Leaf has high SV/V ration o Good for harvesting sunlight o But bad for overheating o  Stresses are greater due to the fact the it cannot move  Tissues in plants need to keep the write water balance Slide 4:  Can counter heat by evaporative cooling using water  Stomato open open, CO2 enters, water vapour escapes, and water evaporation stays cool  Can be closed, causes conservation of water o Can’t photosynthesize though  When we have trees with branches and leaves on it, leaves tend to be small Slide 9  Leaves tend to equilibrate with the temp, rather than over heat w/ the sun (small leaves on palo verde Slide 11:  A lot of desert plants gave up on leaves  Cactus does all photosynthesis in its stem  The structure that usually develop into leaves, develop into thornes that protect water filed structures  Not good at photosynthesis, but can hold a lot of water  That have very extensive roots, which allots them to get a lot of water o Don’t go deep, but very large and spread out o Harvest water, when water is available o Slide 15:  Plants can ‘hibernate’ when under stress full environment o Shut down metabolism during unfavorable seasons  Green summer, no leaves winter/fall  Get through winter w/ reduced resperation  Use stored energy
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