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BIOA01: Lecture 33 Practice Questions 1. Which of the following structures do protists contain? a. Endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus b. A membrane bound nucleus c. All of the above d. None of the above 2. Photosynthesizing protists differ from plants in which of the following ways? a. They can also live as heterotrophs b. They have a life-cycle phase in which they exist as seeds c. They don’t contain collagen d. They are highly differentiated 3. How do protists differ from animals? a. They can live as heterotrophs b. They have no complex development c. They contain collagen d. They are highly differentiated 4. In what ways are protists diverse? a. Structure b. Metabolism c. Reproduction d. All of the above 5. What is the function of a contractile vacuole and is it found in protists? a. It holds water and yes b. It pumps water when in fresh water and yes c. It holds water and no d. It pumps water when in fresh water and no 6. What is endosymbiosis? a. A phenomenon which occurs when an organism of one species lives inside an organism of another species b. A theory that is used to explain the evolution of mitochondria c. A theory that is used to explain the evolution of all membrane bound organelles d. Both a) and b) 7. What evidence is consistent with the endosymbiosis theory of mitochondrial evolution? a. Mitochondria have their own genes b. They have their own ribosomes c. They replicate by fission d. All of the above 8. Match the 8 eukaryotic groups with their characteristics: 1. Excavates a. Have 2 flagella during their life cycle 2. Discicristates b. red/green algae and land plants 3. Alveolates c. amoebas with filamentous pseudopods 4. Heterokonts d. highly motile protists 5. Cercozoa e. lack typical mitochondria 6. Amoebozoa f. include choanoflagellates 7. Archaeplastida g. include slime moulds and most amoebas 8. Opisthokonts h. have complex cytoplasmic structures and
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