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Lecture 35 Practice Questions 1. Selection for traits that isolate populations reproductively is known as which of the following: a. Postzygotic isolation b. Speciation c. Allopolyploidy d. Reinforcement 2. ___________ speciation occurs when a physical barrier subdivides a population, and overtime the species become so genetically different that they cannot interbreed, whereas ____________ speciation occurs when reproductive isolation evolves between subgroups within one population, without the requirement of geographic isolation. a. Allopatric, sympatric b. Hybrid, parapatric c. Sympatric, allopatric d. Parapatric, peripatric 3. Which of the following is false of hybrid zones? a. They are geographic area where interbreeding between 2 populations occur, and hybrid offspring are common b. It often leads to origination of a new species, but sometimes leads to extinction c. A common example is seen in warblers d. All of the above are true 4. A mountain range formed on an island, separating a species of squirrels so they could no longer contact and reproduce with each other. Overtime, the species separated into two different, but closely related species. This is an example of what kind of speciation? a. Sympatric b. Allopatric c. Parapatric d. Peripatric 5. Small changes in homeotic genes can produce large changes in morphology. a. True b. False 6. Which of the following is true of Hox genes? a. They control the animal body plan b. These genes and their positions on chromosomes have been conserved by evolution c. They produce transcription factors that activate growth of a specific appendage in the correct region d. All of the above 7. Teratogens can interfere with Hox genes to produce what? a. Cleft palate b. Malformation of limbs c. Homeobox d. Two of the above e. All of the above 8. Some hybrid species have persisted for thousands of years, however if the hybrid offspring have a lower fitness than those produced within each population, natural selection favours mating with ______________________. a. Their own population b. Both their own population and the one forming hybrid offspring c. Only the population of which they form hybrid offspring with. 9. Speciation between populations with adjacent geographic regions is best known as: a. Sympatric b. Allopatric c. Parapatric d. Peripatric 10.Autopolyploidy results in a(n) _____________ zygote, an
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