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Lecture 29 Practice Problems 1. Laws ______________, whereas theories ________________. a. Explain, describe b. Are facts, are disproved c. Describe, explain d. Hypothesize, explain 2. Which of the following best describes vestigial characters? a. Vestigial characters are similar structurally and functionally to comparable structures in other organisms. b. Vestigial characters are small structures not present in close relatives c. Vestigial characters have not yet been identified in humans d. Vestigial structures are functionless anatomical features of living organisms. 3. Lamarck made four contributions to the theory of evolution. Which of the following are not true? a. Evolution change was caused by natural selection b. Changes are passed from one generation to the next c. Organisms change in response to their environments d. All species change through time 4. Through their studies of medium ground finches, the Grants were able to demonstrate that the drought caused: a. Evolution to occur b. Natural selection to occur c. Adaptation to occur d. All of the above 5. By studying medium ground finch populations, the Grants proposed that during drought years, natural selection favoured birds with _________ beaks. a. Shallow, short b. Deep, long c. Medium depth, wide d. Deep, narrow 6. Which factors may have lead to an observed increase in population of birds with a deeper beak depth? a. Decline in seed abundance b. Increase in seed hardness c. Decline in the amount of Chamaesyce available to eat d. Both A and B e. All of the above 7. During times of stress and competition, which of the following is true of populations? a. There is a reduction in variation b. There is less selection on the adaptations c. Variation fills in d. All of the above 8. The reasons small fortis had a disadvantage compared to magnirostris were: a. They could not open large seeds well b. The seeds they could eat were from a plant that exuded a sticky substance causing feathers to fall off their heads c. The birds could not stand the heat from the sun and died d. All of the above 9. From what plant were the two species of finches forced to obtain seeds? a. Chamaesyce b. Tribulus c. Milk weed d. Geospiza 10.Competition is obvious. a. True b. False 11.Finches with deeper beaks have ___________ expression of Bmp4. a. Weaker b. No c. Stronger d. Bmp4 does not influence beak depth 12.Who proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection? a. Darwin b. Lamarck c. Malthus d. Wallace 13.A species that only occurs in one place on earth is referred to as which of the following? a. Orig
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