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Lecture 27 Practice Problems 1. When the population deviates from the null model of the Heidy-Weinburg Principle this indicates: a) The population is in equilibrium b) The population is not in equilibrium c) The population is evolving d) All of the above e) 2 of the above 2. There is a population of beavers in Ontario with varying teeth length. The teeth never stop growing and larger teeth are hardest on the front and have softer inner sides. This keeps the teeth sharp to gnaw at trunks and branches. Due to foresting, trees in the area have a selection toward thicker bark. What type of selection will be favored for the beavers? a) Directional Selection toward short, hard teeth b) Stabilizing selection toward intermediate teeth length c) Directional selection toward longer, hard teeth d) Disruptive selection toward large or small teeth e) Two of the above 3. Opposing forces lead to _________. a) Directional selection b) Stabilizing selection c) Disruptive selection d) Natural selection e) Sexual Selection 4. When bird species like peacocks have females choosing males with brightly colored feathers. This is an example of: a) Directional selection b) Stabilizing selection c) Disruptive selection d) Natural selection e) Sexual Selection 5. Which is not a reason why variation still exists when selection is strong? a) Not all females have strong preferences b) Females cannot always mate with the ‘best’ male c) Trait that is being selective for has relatively high fitness but is not absolute d) Trait that is being selected against will have no reproductive success e) None of the above 6. Which is not one of the 4 agents of evolution a) Genetic Drift b) Gene flow c) Natural selection d) Sexual selection e) Mutation 7. A couple living in Kenya have 5 children. One was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and year later malaria takes the life of 1 other child. Why didn’t the rest of the family catch malaria? a) The couple must have vaccinated every child b) Natural selection favored for the Heterozygote HbS carriers to survive c) The child who died of malaria did not had no HbS allele and was susceptible to the patho
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