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Lecture 4

lecture 4 notes from prof. Thomson

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University of Toronto St. George
Jon Abbatt

Lecture 4: Physical challenges for terrestrial plants Autotrophs: An organism that assimilates energy either from sunlight or from inorganic compounds. Microphylly:  Plants in hot deserts reduce their heat loads by producing finely subdivided leaves with a large ratio of edge of surface area. Some have no leaves (cacti) Palo Verde: o Photosynthetic bark on trunks & branches; can grow without incurring heat load & water loss through leaves o Tiny and thick stemmed leaflets that contain chlorophyll. Mosquite: o Leaves are subdivided into leaflets that facilitate dissipation of heat. Saguaro cactus o Grows to 15 m,200 yr, 5+ tonnes o Extensive, shallow roots o Accordion-pleated trunk o Can absorb 800 L of water from one storm, use it gradually for growth. Plants under stress environment:  Deciduous habit: dropping leaves during dry or cold seasons can reduce water stress and tissue damage.  Leaves with more turbulencebetter cooling. o When objects are smoothboundary layers Mesophyll Sclerophyll  Leaves large
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