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June Larkin

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Feb  13  Globalization, Gender, and the Politics of Health   Lecture feb 13  13/02/2014 17:49:00 ← ← - youth sexual symposium – ← -students submit a research paper in one of their two tutorials following the winder the break ← - intersctionality is a good idea to use ← - check the library for the paper there for a good example ← = tutorial 1 – feb 27 research paper then or March 13 – look t the readings for those weeks and decide which one you would want to submit – pick a themes of the week – and include on reading from that week and then go find 3 outside readings from that week , so medical one – use surrogacy and then use 3 other and see what they think and read about them. Reports and news paper articles are not important . ← - best paper should be articles that can provide you frameworks- for you look at transnational surrogacy- what kind of analysis would you bring for that = neoliberalism – these 1-2 course readings can provide you with framework and the additional 3 readings can provide you with analysis – its mini research paper – a documentary can be brought an as an additional but it can be an additional ← - check the portal to look for themes ← . the ethics of knowledge production: you can represent the voices of the other – community based research is having the community on the basis of the research process. ← Course frameworks should be remembered ← Today will be on : Economic Globalization, Gender & health – we must look at health beyond the smaller things like health in macro and policies ← - discursive dichotomies- how these issues and process have a transnational life- its when you talk about things in two bi polar ways so when we talk bout the economic conditions of north and south ← - victim/.rescue ← Neoliberalism : ← - the construction of markets for new drugs – when we talk about transplant tourism – that is another example for creating markets ← - today we will talk about gender trade ← - women and men are in economic globalization in different ← - the picture of economic glo
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