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Bio120 Lecture 23 Notes

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Spencer Barrett

Bio Final Lecture 23 Notes Conservation Biology as a disciplineWorlds worst global environmental problems1 Global warming and climate change2 Loss of biodiversity3 Environmental pollution4 Human famine5 Spread of infectious diseases6 Human population growthHow will organisms respond to climate change1 Theyll migrate to more favourable environmental conditions ecology2 Adapt to changing environmental conditions evolution3 Go locally or globally extinct evolutionADAPTIVE PLASTICITYIn certain organisms we will get lifestyle chances according to climate change but of course it will depend on the lifestyle of the organisms Ones with short lifecycles can respond quickly So what about our forests that have longer lifecycles that cant keep up with the fastchanging climate They will migrate though Biodiversity The number and kinds of living organisms in a given areaThere are two elementsInterspecific variation or species diversity studied by ecologistsFunctional or ecological diversity the coexistence of many different ways of making a living in a single community look at a rainforest with its trees vs epiphytes vs shrubs plus all the different animalsspecific variation or genetic variation Intrastudied by geneticistsLineages philogenetic diversity
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