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Bio120 Lecture 22 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Spencer Barrett

Bio Final Lecture 22 Notes Evolutionary applications you can take basic principles from evolutionary biology and apply them to to solving societal problems of today for example biological invasionsSome species are enormously successful so that they become pests and wreak havocWhy invasive species are a problem The Lana camara was introduced to India as an ornamental plant and has affected the tiger This is a big problem for India because a major source of tourism is from people wanting to see an Indian tiger after the Taj Mahal The plants are taking over the tigers mating areas causing tigers to go into villages and then they are killed The pollen of the flower affects the tigers matingThe Crane Toad in Australia was introduced to control Cane beetles another invasive species but instead it just multiplied until it started killing the native Australian biodiversityIn African Lakes the Nile Perch was introduced which is now leading to the exctinction od the endemic cichlid fishThe Asian Carp is invading the Great Lakes where it was accidentally introduced About 30 million spent in 2010 to prevent the invasionBrown Tree Snake invasion on Guam is now a serious cause of trauma on humans and there are many power outages as well as affecting biodiversity It was a stowaway that has multiplied very rapidlyThe Argentinean Ant has been introduced to at least six parts of the world genetic analysis of the ants shows that they are not aggressive to close relatives but the farther ants are from them genetically the more aggressive they areThese are examples of invasionsInvasion Biology What is an invasive specieso A biological invasion is a successful establishment of a species in a region not previously occupied followed by rapid expansiono Biological invasions do not always involve harmful species but most do Why is it successfulo Traits commonly associated with invasion successo Phenotypic plasticity vs local adaptation in invaders How can we prevent and control invadersNative An indigenous species that occurs wild in a given region
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