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Lecture 19

Bio120 Lecture 19 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Spencer Barrett

Bio Final Lecture 19 Notes Evolution of adaptation and the adaptation of biodiversityFloral tubes usually have nectar on the bottom so Darwin predicted that the there should be a pollinator with a proboscis tongue long enough to access that nectar and it was found a century laterIts tongue is coiled up when it fliesunderstand these definitionsArtificial SelectionDomesticated plants and animals at the core of understanding cryptic or concealed variationSelection by humans this is the basic of animal breedingHas a purpose or goal and is one of the most important human inventions ever made agriculture and animal husbandryNatural selection Has no propose doesnt look into the future and the same as gravity or a blizzard Selection by the abiotic and biotic environment Has a quantitative natureThere are three different types of natural selection on quantitative traits1 Stabilizing selection here the average individuals are the most favoured so the variation lessens even thought the mean trait value could be the same
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