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Lecture 17

Bio120 Lecture 17 Notes

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Spencer Barrett

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Bio Final Lecture 17 Notes CHAPTER 8Asexuality clone parthenogenesisall the same genotype is replicated from the organism bisexual or hermaphroditeSexrequires gametes recombination production of diverse genotypes two distinct types of individuals dioecious where you have females and malesSome have the ability to chose between asexual and crossfertilization where hermaphrodites mate togetherSo why did sex evolveFirst of all an exampleWater fleas Daphnia that have two types of individuals asexual ones in cooler calmer water and sexual ones in warmer more turbulent water So now there is an ecological association with reproduction Can give insight into why sex evolvedThe Water Hyacinth can do this as well but the sexual reproduction goes along the edge of the plant and the clone is the middle part over the water Darwin was PERPLEXED by this why two individuals make a new one instead of parthenogenesis Well a partial answer is that this way there is more genetic variability but there is no way to text that and it doesnt answer all of the questions I mean this way Darwinian fitness is halvedSo what are the costs the negative sidesThere is a big cost in finding and attracting mates and they lose their judgement partially when motivated to find a mate By displaying yourself for the other sex you put yourself at risk of predation and infectionMales when they dont provide gametes are a waste of space Im sure the vast majority of humans will agree to this without taking a BIO course
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