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Lecture 14

Bio120 Lecture 14 Notes

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Spencer Barrett

Bio Final Lecture 14 Notes Darwin came from a much less diverse ecological system A high amount of interspecies interactionsAbiotic factors the physical factors of the environment like the temperature rainfall etcBiotic factors are much more important in the rainforests than they are in the temperate zone and as a consequence there is a lot of intricate coevolution in species and MUTIALISMS There is yearround heat and there are therefore more lifecycles and therefore faster evolutionEnormous pest and disease pressure on plants Species diversity is extremely high therefore one tree could be very far from another tree of its species How do they pollinate with one another There are specific bees that will fly kilometres and pollinate these trees Its not reproduction using wind like the ones we usually have Theres tons of pollen in the air male gametes of plants and they move from one plant to another to pollinate through wind In the tropics itd more animaldependent They are more efficient in taking gametes long distancesTheyre evergreen not deciduous so they dont drop their leaves Those are usually windpollinated Dan Jansen discovered that the bees go that distance up to 23 km a day to pollinate these trees
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