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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Darrel Desveaux

Lecture 10 Cell Communication: General Concepts and Principles Cell Communication Through Signaling o Unicellular organisms Sense signals in growth environment Eg. High [nutrients] o Multicellular organisms Complex signaling networks Cells within organism carefully regulated Why is Signaling Important? Example: Regulation of Cell Proliferation o If cell doesnt respond appropriately cancer o Chart of major signaling pathways relevant to cancer in human cells (Figure 20-37) o Cancer misregulation of growth cells o Overactive signals regulate proliferation Why is Signaling Important? Example: Regulation of Cell Movement o Slime Mold (unicellular) Attracted to cAMP chemotaxis moves toward high concentration of chemical Signal for single cells to aggregate to form slug o Micropipette with cAMP Movement by extending a new pseudopod Signal Molecules and Receptors o 1) Cell surface receptors Bind to hydrophilic ligand o 2) Intracellular receptors Bind to hydrophobic signaling molecules Transported by carrier proteins in extracellular fluid and deliver to cells Because not soluble Classes of Cell Surface Receptors in Animals o 1) Ion-Channel-linked receptors (ligand gated ion channels) Eg. Regulated by neurotransmitters o 2) G-protein-linked receptors (GPCR) Largest family in animals >800 genes in human genome Receptors to visual, taste, smell, and many other neurotransmitters o 3) Enzyme-linked receptors
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