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Lecture 7

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James Thomson

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Lecture 7 species interactions Two species population models to community structureClassification of who gains who looses consumer resourcea PredatorPrey b PlantHerbivore cCompetitionMutualismFocci of studyEffects on Population dynamicsCoevolution reciprocal changes of genetic makeup of species Reaction of species to each others presence 1 Lotka Voltera Model of competition extension of logisticsalpha 12 is the effect of species 1 on species 2pair of differential equations which show impact of animals on each other Large alpha means lots of competitionEquations evaluated by outcomes Graph cant be drawn but end result of competitive interaction is know There are 4 different end resultsa species 1 always wins b species 2 can always win c two species might coexist indefinitely Each cut into each other species pop s
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