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Lecture 4

Bio Lecture 4- chap 11 & 12.docx

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James Thomson

Plants physiological ecology 9262011 64900 AM Lecture 4 Chapter 1112Plant ecophysiology of carbon balance CO2H20 carbohydratesO2photosynthetic structures embody adaptation to environmental studies lead size and shape is very important factor To increase surface area leaf is perfect for letting oxygen out and absorbing everything Only problem is that there is a tradeoff when the leaf is being exposed to large amounts of sunit deals with the large amount of heat coming from the sun by evaporative cooling Does so by stomata opening and closing By closing the stomata Co2 input shuts down all gas exchange including CO2 input so photosynthesis and plant stops growing risks overheatingtissue damage tradeoff between water conservation and growthADD MORE FROM SLIDE SHOW KNOw PALO VERDE green stick trunk has photosynthetic bark overheating problems are less because lesser SAV leaves are also very small The term for small leaves is called microphyllylplants have a hard time dealing w th stress because they cannot move The deal with stress by growth and developmentcactus family just got rid of leaves Cacti are modified stem tissue Cacti can store water in sponge like tissue succulents They have extensive yet shallow rootsIn Sonoran desertthere is alot of water there for brief periods of time rillito river water enters in episodic patterns The cacti uses storage to water when its there
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