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University of Toronto St. George
Jean Jiang Nash

LECTURE 17 Extracellular matrix and cell motility Human fibroblast cells grown in tissue culture Cell-Matrix adhesion Cell to cell attachments 3 main Cell cell anchoring junction adhering junction actually holds cells together Tight junction so things cannot pass between cells Channel forming gap junctions allow small materials pass from cell to cell Focal adhesion below the left hand bottom paragraph o Contact btw basal surface and extracellular matrix o Important for cell migration ECM drawing of basal surface of cell Green are transmembrane proteins, integrins Complex network of proteins and sugars Mesh is extracellular matrix By fibroblasts Fibroblast secretes most of extracellular matrix Epithelial cell layer apical at top Basal lamina type of ECM Basal faces ECM Yellow line around capillary Fibroblast secrete most of the ECM Triangular cell looking at fibroblast Two major kind of ECM (Basal lamina) (connective tissue) Muscle contract pulls on basal lamina, which pulls on connective tissue, which pulls on bone Capillary endothelial cells attached to basal lamina o Kidney has lining of tubules no tight junctions between cells allows filtering function SO blood cells not found in urine ECM Structure and regulates behaviour Tensile strength; resistance to compression Reinforced concrete Metal beams or wires Together v strong structure, having tensile strength AND resistance to compression
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