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University of Toronto St. George
Jean Jiang Nash

Bens Story case of retinoblastoma Cancers result when cells lose contact with neighbours, or lose control of cell cycle, or cannot die because of constant propagation To combat cancer we must understand what leads to cancer at the level of molecules Cell cycle Enlarges, duplicates chromosomes, and separates into two cells Must be tightly controlled with checkpoints In yeast, decision to divide or not to divide based on nutrient availability o If enough, then divide In mice, nutritional and cell-cell communication through contact and receptors and signals that feed into cell cycle clock o They include tyrosine kinase receptors, G-protein coupled receptors, TGF- beta receptors, integrins, nutrient status o All feed into molecular machine, used by cell to deicde whether to enter into G0 or enter into cell cycle o This decision is screwed up in cancer o When enter cell cycle, must finish or die o Entering is the big decision for the cell G0 = way for cell to exit cell cycle, if it lacks mitogen telling it to divide Many checkpoints in cell cycle o Questions asked include about DNA damage (blocked if DNA damage); replic
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