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Lecture 11

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James Thomson

Lecture 11 species interactions in subalpine meadows Distribution and abundance Glacier lily – flowering plants seem to do best where the soil surface is very rocky. Something about rock that favors glacier lily. Life history: iteroparous, long resource accumulation phase in an underground corm. Seeds stage – primary seed dispersal distance. Results – modal dispersal distance about 20cm Secondary dispersal by ants, present in other Erythronium species– elaiosome, full of elaios acid that is attractive for ant because of protein, then they through it out with seeds, which is better dispersal and a lot of nutrients in the soil in the ants garbage that favors the growth of the lily Seed germination experiment What factors about soil may influence on success of seeds. Deeper soil areas will contain more moisture compared to the rocky. Buried in organic soil made it, others not. Results of experiment suggest the opposite of what we saw: should find more plants away from thin soil around rock outcrops Should find most seedlings near flowering plants - Flowering plants - Vegetative plants - Seedlings - Soil moisture - Rockiness - Predation risk, pocket gopher How to quantify gopher activity – leave cores of soil in the spring Flower vs vegetation vs seedlings Rockiness vs soil moisture Rockiness vs gopher activity - Most seeds are produced in rocky areas and fall there but most die - Few seeds that reach moist, deep-soil area are more likely to survive and produce seedlings - But seedlings that get established in deep-soil have a risk to be under predation of gopher
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