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Paul Thompson

Case Study The Glorious Golden and Gigantic Quaking AspenPopulus Tremuloidesaspenmost recognized beautiful admired of all tree specices o Besides in north America its distrivuted in European and Asian countriesCan be found from AlaskaMexico and VancouverMaine o In northerncentral continent trees grow at any elevation but in southern parts it only grows at higher elevationsSimilar pattern for aspen in Europe and AsiaBark is living tissue and carries photosynthesisDrops leaves in winter but remains alive and thus requires metabolic activitySoft tangreenish hues on bark mark an important photosynthetic capability provided by 3 different levels of chloroplastsStem photosynthesis contributes to aspens winter survivaldisadvantage is that its low fire resistance attractive source of food for elk and numerous insectsfungiForm individual patches comprised of numerous stems called rametseach with its own trunk branches leaves and a shared root system o All these arise from a single aspen seed often in distant past o compromise a single cloneo If root system bw patches is severed then patches form physiologically separate entities but generally still considered part of the same clone Boundaries of clones seen in early spring when floweringleafing occursAspen occur as males and female separately dioecioussupport both male and female reproductive parts on each individual monoecious or hermaphroditicThe catkins of an aspen produces genetically different aspens sexual reproduction whereas shared root is for cloning asexual reproductionIn early spring an aspen clone will
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