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Lecture 20

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Kenneth Yip

Clicker Questions from Lecture 2012 1. If diversity is the result of different genes or different patterns of gene expression, these new genes have arisen or been modified by the synthesis of novel stretches of DNA in the organism. A. True B. False 2. A functional consequence of a degenerate genetic code is: A. All 20 amino acids are encoded by the DNA B. There are opportunities for the synthesis of novel amino acids C. Base-paring between codon and anti-codon structures occurs more easily D. Random mutations resulting in amino acid changes are reduced 3. When comparing DNA and RNA, the following statement is true: A. DNA is a double stranded molecule and RNA is always a single stranded molecule B. Genomic DNA encodes the same amount of information as the total cellular RNA C. In eukaryotes, mRNA plays a functional role primarily in the cytoplasm whereas genomic DNA is confined to the nucleus D. Both B and C are true 4. The extremely high temperature tolerant bacteria found around deep sea volcanic vents all seem to have genomic DNA with an elevated GC:AT ratio when compared with other bacteria. This is because... A. GC-rich codons encode more thermo-stable amino acids B. The enzymatic synthesis of guanine and cytosine is favoured at higher temperatures C. GC-rich DNA is more stable at high temperatures D. None of the above 5. Why are the properties of amino acid side chains important? A. They can play a significant role in polypeptide folding B. They help to stabilize α-helix and β-sheet secondary structures C. They can play a significant role in the function of the polypeptide D. Answers A and C are correct E. Answers A, B and C are correct 6. When describing DNA replication, the newly synthesized strand is always made... A. in the
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