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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Transcription II Lecture notes from the evening class.

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Kenneth Yip

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Lecture 8February0911616 PMEukaryotic transcriptionVery dangerous shroomA manatadeath capHas a manatin contains toxicBinds to green and stops RNA polymerase II from workingRNA polymerase IIRoger Kornberg nobel prize in chem in 2006Red RNA polymerase being madeGreen active site of RNA polymeraseRNA polymerase 2Several in eukaryotesOne in bacteriaGreen similar btw eukaryotic and prokaryotic RNA polymeraseGrey specific to eukaryotesBigger but in general very similar The Building Blocks of Life Page 1 Also read chapter 8 pp 544546 on DNA amplification lab 3 The Building Blocks of Life Page 2 Not all RNA are translatedOr premRNATranscription unit transcribedBlue exonYellow intronIntronstranscribed not translated ALWAYSExonstranscribed may or may not be translated Exon in mRNA might not code for protein regulatoryExon not in mRNA mRNA is just one kind of RNA and only mRNA makes protein The Building Blocks of Life Page 3
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