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Lecture 2

Molecular Biology of the Cell - Lecture 2 Readings

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University of Toronto St. George
Jane Mitchell

Adaptive Biology The Molecular Biology of the Cell Chapter 1Cells and Genomes y The process that separates life from all else is heredity o The ability a link to the progeny that gives it guidelines to what it shall be how it will look and how it will function y All organisms store information in DNA o Doublestranded polymer chains that are formed by four monomers A C T and G o They are strung together in a long linear chain and they two strands are held together by hydrogen bonds y Monomers of A Adenine C Cytosine T Thymine and G Guanine are called Nucleotides o They are composed of a sugar a base ACT or G and a phosphate group o The phosphate group attaches adjoining sugars together forming the long chain that makes DNA o The two bases are bonded together by hydrogen bonds o The two strands joined together by hydrogen bonds at the bases wind into a double helix y DNA Replication o Since the hydrogen bonds are weaker then the sugarphosphate linkages the double helix can be pulled apart without separating the sugarphosphate back bone o This occurs
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