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Lecture 9

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Lecture 9 and 10 Interactions bw cells and their environments How cells interact to build tissuesMicrovillus of epithelial cells increase SA and allow intake from intestineMechanical stresses are transmitted from cell to cell by cytoskeleton filaments anchored to cell matrix and cellcell adhesion siteExtracellular matrix directed bears mechanical stresses of tension and compression2 main types of tissues o Epithelial tissue cells polar eg Intestinal lining skin epidermisCells closely associated to each otherLimited ECM a thin basal lamina that underlies the basal domainCytoskeletal filaments provide resistance to mechanical stressCells are attached to each other by cell junctions o Connective tissue eg Bone tendonCells are rarely connected to each otherPlentiful ECM which provides resistance to mechanical stressCells generally surrounded by ECM not polarcells are attached to ECMdifferent types of junctions bw cells o anchoring junctions epithelial cells anchor cells to each other allow cytoskeletal filaments from one cell to connect to otherAllow junction to ECM o occluding junctions epithelial cells tight junctions which link epithelial cells to each other and prevent transfer of materials bw cells creates separation bw intestinal lumen domain and ECF of basal domain tight junctions also prevent mixing of proteins from apical and basal side o channelforming junctions epithelial cells allow communication bw cellsCoordinated cells o signalrelaying junctions eg synapseSignals are transferred in polarized epithelial cells junctions are arranged in a specific order oocculding tight junction seals gap bw epithelial cells and prevent mixingo adherens junction connects actin filaments bundle in one cell with that in the next cell and hold tight junctions in place o desmosome connects intermediate filaments in one cell to thos
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