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Lecture 12

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Jane Mitchell

Lecture 1 and 2 Cell junctions help cells communicateAnimal cells do not have cell walls but single celled organisms sometimes do have a cell wall which helps protect them from their harsh environments Extracellular matrix are found mostly in animal cells and lysosomes are said to be animal specific as based on how they look under the light and also they are very different from the organelles that perform functions in the plant cell The typical animal cell A lot of organization happens within the cellThe Extracellular matrix gives the tissues supportLysosome helps digest material and also dead organelles The typical plant cell Plants have structures which you can identify under the microscope which arent in animal cells The Vacuole which takes more than 13 of the plants total cellular volume is a fluid filled area said to provide turgor pressure against the cell wall giving the cell rigidityhence when its dying it flops over digestion of products also occurs but not in a lysosome like the animal cellMembrane Strucuture CytoplasmCytosol Lumen Cytoplasm is the contentsex organelles of the cell outside the cell nucleusCytosolis the aqueous part of the cytoplasm that doesnt include those membrane bound organelles Lumen is the inside of an organelle The inside aqueous environmentMembrane functions Scaffold for biochemical activities Specific proteins found in specific scaffolds of the cell carry out certain functions as electron transport in the mitochondria and many proteins to create ATPResponding to external events The receptors bind on to the hormones found in the E
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