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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 (recording 2)--Introduction to Cells and Diversity.docx

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Lecture 2 recording 2 Introduction to Cells and Diversity Ppt4 Archeabacteria is evolutionarily distinct from eukaryotes though it is a prokaryoteClicker question1 If diversity is the result of different genes or different patterns of gene expression these new genes have arisen or been modified by the synthesis of novel stretches of DNA in the organism A TrueB FalseTheres no way of synthesizing a new stretch of DNA It always has to be copied form somethingDNA sequencingerror of replication resultsmutationvarious genes different Those genetic diversities provide different functions Or gene mobilizationgene from one bacteria to another results the different genePpt5 Two main types of cells 1 Prokaryotic cellsNo Nucleidoesnt mean that it does not have nuclear envelope or genetic material Their genetic material is localized in specific area called nucleoideDNA RNASingle celledEubacteria and archaea
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