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Lecture 11

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John Stinchcombe

BIO220 Lecture 11Good Genes A Happy StoryIndicator Models and Condition Dependence Condition dependent if a male is very healthy as a reflection of good genes it will produce large ornaments Are sexually selected traits condition dependentEvidence oRaise males in good nutritional conditions expect to have good traitsoIf poor nutrition may not express them so muchIf sexually selected traits are more condition dependent both degree and quality of sexual dimorphism will be condition dependent Condition Dependent Organisms internal physiological factors interact with environmental to alter development of morphology and behaviouralThe phenotype of constant genotypes are responding plastically to the environment Ex If you see a population that is in good condition and the two sexes look very different but if another population is NOT in a good condition they look similar because they cant afford to make intricate ornamentsthink of it likein before going tohe looked really shady because he wasnt in a good condition but after moving he looked so much better Argument sexually dimorphic traits are more condition dependent than any other traits Example Ambush bugsThey have dorsal black colouration in both females and males and they also have lateral black coloration which is ONLY malesthis is the dimorphic trait oThe extra black color heats up quickly in the morning and gives it a competitive advantage to go out and mate femalesExperiment Reared the bugs in high food and low food Results Looked at female dorsal and male dorsal and male lateral in terms of food Theres a little condition dependence on female dorsal and male dorsal but theres a lot in male lateralso condition dependentExample Experiment on flies reared them on high food diet and low food diet and found that males and females looked VERY DIFFERENT for rich diet ie increased antenna length huge legs ew but in the POOR diet the differences between the sexes shrunk so males and females looked similar Why
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