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Lecture Ecology AgricultureHumans have emerged a few million years ago but modern agriculture did not arise until a few million years agoAnatomically modern humans emerged quite later to the sceneWhat had led to the flourishing of agricultureHuntergather diets were quite opportunistic and unreliable the human species was not well adapted to folivory Human feeds were often tubers seeds and fruitsIf fruits and seeds were quite tasty this would function as dispersal for plantsSeeds and tubers are energystorage organs which were good for resources and carbohydratesThese were storing complex carbs and sugarsOriginal crops were products of artificial selection on native plantsMuch of the early work was focused on grasses with symbiotic associations with bacteriaAncient technological innovations humans had replaced sticks with plows which had considerably altered agricultureThe rise of crop rotation and draft animals were addedIn 1492 there was a widespread exchange known as the Columbian ExchangeNet consequences was that humans were replaced by stability rise of citiesThis allowed for a rise in cities having key effects on societies and cultures
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