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Lecture 17

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Lecture 17How does ecology and evolution work hand in handOften harvesting is based on size thresholdFor example nets with certain hole sizes causes declines in large fishes and increases in small fishesIndividuals with the largest trophies are the ones most sought afterThere are quantitative traits and continuous traits which vary vs the qualitative traitsOne aspect of these traits that are different is that by being in these discrete categoriesQualitative traits are determined by man genes and that there are strong environmental variations between phenotypeThe center of human height distribution saw most people standing upA host of phenotypes can be measured for example on standardized tests height swimming speed and soonThere are many genes which each has a vary of effects on phenotypeIn humans nutritional status is reflected byheight and body sizeChildren undergoing famine had shorter statures than children born afterwardsGenotype can be inferred by phenotype for qualitative traits whereas phenotype does not accurately reflect genotype in qualitative traitsSNPs will not work therefore for these quantitative traitsThere are many genes which influence many health and disease risksIf there is a threshold where some live and some die for example in fish size and individuals above a threshold die is called truncated selectionThere needs to be a way to measure selection threshold which is used by statistical descriptionHere we only need to deal with averages
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