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Lecture 20

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University of Toronto St. George

LectureInstead of focusing on nonhuman factors in ecology the last few lectures focus on social political and ethical issuesThe outline will be on carrying capacity of the earth and human impacts on a number of factors we will look atHuman Population EcologyA review from four years ago will give the rate of growth in a population dNdtrNExponential growth in humans cannot continue unchecked when one is looking at the maximum carrying capacity of humansRecognizing Allee from textbooks about Allee effects and soon According to Allee human populations past the 1940s would begin to level offPlacing this on scales about seven billion and climbing shows that human growth is exponential and nonlogisticalWhat are the consequences of these large numbers on biological chemical and geological systemsWhy did Allees population modeling fail One are extrapolations of the dataAnother is assuming growth to be a law of nature rather than a simple model among manyLogistic doesnt allow for overshoots and assumes intrinsic rate of increase and carrying capacity are constant over timeIs K changing or are we outstripping the current carrying capacity of the EarthMany reasons one cannot model population growth very well
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