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LectureGreenhouse gases and climate changeRight now is a global cooling period but with human activities altering the movement towards cooler climates instead to a warmingIce Ages had effects on glacial and interglacial climatesThe vertical lines are increases in temperaturesEsetimates of volume and global temperature are able to be measuredLong term predictions are that in the next few thousand years the Earth will leave its interglacial period and back to the glacial periodThis would blanket the Northern Hemisphere yet againShort term predictions are the opposite is that the Pioneers in measuring the atmosphere looking at CO2 and soon and seeing that each gas could store different amounts of heatThe basic physics of greenhouse gas storage is well known for some timeArrhenius had calculated the effects of CO2 projecting that the doubling of atmosphere greenhouse gas shoud cause a temperature increase of four degreesThe role of CO2 in causing glacial and interglacial periods has been well known and well suspectedIn favour of Milankovich cycles which was the relative wobbling of the Earths axis Arrheniuss theory of differing CO2 composition was rejectedBjerknes was the father of modern meteorologyWriting a set of equations he had used them to predict climate and soon
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