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Lecture 6

Winter 2012 BIO220H1 Lecture 6

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Locke Rowe

Bio220 Lec 6 Senescence y Fulmarsreproduce at same rate even 40 years laterslide 14 y Free RadicalsVitaminso Radicals modify macromolecules o Vitamins repair these modifications y Constraintso Trade offs having a longer tailwhich increases reproductive success will actually lower your survivor ship y Evolution of all traits is affected by trade offs ie morphological behavioural and life history traits y Repair mechanisms that undo trade offeffects may increase longevity BUT decrease fecundity o Evolutionary speaking living forever is pointless y Costs of Reproduction reproduction at a high rate increases your senescence and decreases your survivorshipslide 21 o Experiment increase reproductive effort reproductive rate increases Longevity decreases not done in humanso Water striders females try to feed and avoid males They feed to produce offspringtaking up resources to produce offspring Females are induced to reproduce at a higher rate which will in turn reduce longevityo Less egg productionlive longer o More egg productiondie faster take note slide 24 o The higher your fitness the lower your longevity y Slide 2
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