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Lecture 7

Winter 2012 BIO220H1 Lecture 7

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Locke Rowe

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BIO220 Lec 7y previous lecture Gene that makes you reproduce a lot in early lifebeneficial effects will have a costdisadvantages in later life under antagonistic pleitropy genes which are favoured late in life o Roses Experimentare the same ones that are going to get reduced later in life Trade off cannot have bothselection experiment o Conclusion rate of senescence can evolve and antagonistic plays a role in the volution of aging y Theories of Senescence o Mutation Accumulation o Antagonistic PleiotropyResistance y Malaria o Mosquitoborne fever and chills anemia due to loss of red blood cellseventually kill youdrug treatments eradicating the vector decrease contact bw o Methods of Controlhumans and vectorEradicationgo after the adults Mutations may occur that are resistant to this insecticide will evolve more offspring those that are not resistant will not evolve ie A1 allele which declines with further distance from the sea y A1 allele could be costly As soon as spraying had stopped the frequency of a1 allele is disfavoured and therefore declined When population IS sprayed this disfavoured allele outweighs the cost of being sprayed therefore it is expressed o Antibiotics and Bacterial P
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