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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 Perspectives on Medical Evolution and Introduction to Aging

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Doug Thomson

Lecture 6 BIO220 Perspectives on Evolutionary Medicine and an Introduction to AgingEvolution an MedicineAging proximate and Ultimate causesCosts of reproductionThe evolutionary theories of agingoMutation accumulationoAntagonistic PleiotropyEvolutionary MedicineDefinition applications of evolutionary principles to the problems of healthApproach asks why ultimate rather than how proximate questionsUtility Better understandingbetter prevention treatmentQuestions in Evolutionary MedicineIs this response adaptive and for whomWhen do we expect resistance to evolveWhen do we expect the evolution of extreme virulenceAre there multiple origins of a diseaseWill vaccines lead to evolution of pathogensWhy do we ageFive reasons why we are vulnerable to disease1Tradeoffs structures and systems must balance conflicting demands Longevity vs Fecundity2Environmental Change Environments change at a rate that exceeds our rate of evolution3Pathogen Evolution Pathogens evolve faster than we do4Historical contingency5Defenses systems built for defense against pathogens and degradation come at some costWhat is aging or senescenceDefinition Progressive decline in somatic function reflected in reductions in fertility as well as survivorshipProximate cause Progressive degeneration of the somaManifestations of agingGeneral degeneration of the somaoImpaired function oIncreased diseaseMortality rate increases with age
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