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Lecture 19

Lecture 19 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
James Thomson

Lecture 19 Biogeochemical Cycles Slide 1Manhattan Projectsecond largest military venture in the world up to that time big project in WW2 that resulted in the atomic bombLargest military ventureBoeing B29 long distance bomber project to deliver the atom bomb in JapanSlide 2US went from atomic bomb to hydrogen bomb more powerful b29 to b36 biggerCould make guesses about where the compounds would gooHot Strontium is beside Calcium on the periodic table so it would probably go with our bone just like Calcium Slide 3What happens if we put a strong gamma emitter Cs137 in the middle of a forestoKilled the forest outward in concentric circles and all the vegetation died didnt even rot because there were no microbes there to break it downOak and Pine trees were the most sensitiveSlide 4You can introduce an unstable radioactive isotope into an ecosystem and trace tiny quantities of it to various sourcesnot done anymoreSlide 5Potassium behaves like phosphorusSlide 6Elements arent created or destroyed but they do change chemical form Poolthe format in which the element sits in for a whileFluxway in which the element moves from one pool to another Slide 7
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