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Lecture 7

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Doug Thomson

BIO220 Lecture 7 Drug Resistance Malaria Life cycle of plasmodium...? Drug treatment in humans - Drug favours malarial variants to are resistance to the drug - When we use these drugs we are doing a selection experiment on the pathogen Common drugs used: chloroquine and SP Eradicating Mosquitoes - prevent larva pupilation - target the adult stage – if you keep spraying mosquitoes, eventually they will evolve resistance Evolution of Insecticide in Mosquitoes - eventually pesticide will favour an insecticide resistant mosquito - they are unaffected but everyone else is not, and unaffected group replicates while others do not. - A1 allele give insecticide resistance Antibiotics and Bacterial Pathogens - Antibiotics are favouring bacterial genotypes that are not susceptible - Tuberculosis o Recently in India, resistant strains of tuberculosis have developed o Has a lot to do with better housing and sanitation Plasmids and Horizontal gene transfer - Sometimes bacteria sometimes do not reproduce completely asexually - Donor give a replicate of plasmid to individual without a plasmid  resistance - Resistance is transferred from good bacteria to bad bacteria accidentally HIV – the evolution of resistance through new mutation - HIV is a virus – viruses cannot replicate, they take over the machinery of their host - Only has 9 genes - Has RNA instead of DNA Life cycle of HIV - Host DNA’s replication machinery starts to produce mRNA - Virus inserts itself and replicates using the reverser transcriptase
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