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Lecture 8

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Doug Thomson

BIO220 Lecture 8 – Deadly Viruses & The Evolution of Virulence 1918 Influenza Epidemic - The 1918 flu was a leading cause of death among all disease and infectious disease Ebola virus - First saw ebola in 1976 – outbreak and then suddenly disappeared Why is the common cold so benign when the flu and ebola are so deadly? - Conventional wisdom o Host has infection and contains replicating pathogens that replicate so they can be transmitted to another host o The highly virulent pathogens may be new to the species of host –over time a mutualistic association develops o Ex: ebola originates in bat and is a highly virulent pathogen because it keeps transferring, for example from bats to monkeys to humans SARS – - Some of the sars virus genes suggest that it is a coronavirus that crossed the species and has not coevolved Myxoma virus - Originated when Europeans brought rabbits to Australia and their population exploded o In order to control rabbit population, they created a virus that targets rabbits. o Evolution occurred in population to decrease to level of virulence o Virulence also declines over time because virus does not want to kill the host o HOWEVER, a mutual association did not occur between rabbits and virus w
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